10,000 vehicles cleaned

10,000+ Vehicles Cleaned Weekly

Did you know? Direct Reconditioning cleans 10,000+ vehicles weekly at auto auctions nationwide. That’s right, we specialize in the auto detailing process. Providing all labor, management, and materials to expertly operate the detail shop in a professional manner.

20,000 vehicles every week

20,000+ Vehicles Moved Weekly

Did you know? Roadrunner Services moves 20,000 vehicles from dealerships to auctions and back each week. We have locations nationwide to provide dependable and safe movement of your vehicles by our individual drivers. We provide the chase van, dispatch and transportation app, on-site manager and responsibility for damage.


Roadrunner Services at ADESA Salt Lake City

Hello Salt Lake City!!!Oh deer! Did you hear?Roadrunner Services offers driveaway, local pickup and delivery, as well as staffing auctions and dealerships in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. This Week was a great visit to our great partners here at ADESA Salt Lake!With Safety Manager Greg Dalton ADESA Salt Lake